Tour Guide

Hutong opens all the time, you can take rickshaws or ride bicycle to visit and enjoy the around atrrations!

Famous Attractions Aroud Hutong:
Beihai Park and Jingshan Park: The most popular parks in the city of Beijing.

Bell and Drum Tower: Dating from 1420 is sure to bring you back to the old Beijing by seeing the big drum tower and having bird’s eye view of the surrounding communities of hutongs and siheyuan which existing traditional courtyards in Beijing.

Nanluoguxiang: One of the oldest hutong, there are many unique coffee bars and shops.
Yandaixiejie:  It is a quaint 800-year-old hutong.

Shichaihai Lake: It is a narrow and long waters running from the northwest to  southeast. Shichahai area features traditional landscapes and residents reservations that are with  original customs and culture of the ancient Beijing.

Gongwangfu (Mansion of Prince of Gong): It was originally the private mansion of He Shen, a favorite minister of Qing Emperor Qianlong.

Memorial of Mei Lanfang: It is a typical residential compound of Beijing, with a total of 716 aquare meters. Mei Lanfang  was the best known Beijing Opera master.

There are a lot of local snacks and flavor cuisines around Hutong area for you can enjoy!